I've really enjoyed walking through the Cure with you all this year. It's clear to me that every one gets something different out of this home refreshing plan. Some people enjoy the days when we get nitty gritty and deep into clutter, while others really find their groove with the more mindful days centered on experiencing and feeling at home in your home.

Today's task should hit a few different pleasure centers. We're digging in to decluttering a hidden problem area. By the end of the day, your home will feel lighter on stuff, but hopefully you'll feel mentally lighter, too. It doesn't sound sexy, but streamlining your home's storage systems really does provide an indescribable peace of mind.


Today's Assignment:

Take stock of your soft goods and clear out the linen closet.

Take time today to go through:

Towels and washcloths

Sheets and pillowcases

Duvets, comforters and blankets

Dishcloths and tea towels

Then pare them down as needed by sorting into three piles:

good ones that you actually use

ones in decent shape that you have not used in a year or more

ones that are worn out

When sorting, don't get hung up on holding on to too many "just in case" extras. Think realistically about how you've used these items in the past year to determine whether you really need to hang on to them.

When you're through sorting, fold the good ones neatly and return them to their (now less crowded!) storage spot. Put the decent ones you no longer use in the outbox and cut or tear up the remainder for your rag bag. Tada!

Note: Animal shelters are a great place to inquire about donating your no-longer used linens.

If you don't have a linen "closet," just focus your efforts on wherever you store linens — even if they're scattered in a few different spots. Or if you feel like there's another "behind closed doors" spot to tackle today, have at it!